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The London Art Fair/MK Gallery, London/Milton Keyens

After a reprisal attack in North London that saw Costi’s face broken in 5 places, commanding extensive reconstructive surgery, the artist sought to find retribution in a positive manner. He documented the recovery both physically and mentally through raw footage starting 4 hours after the event, diary entries and interviews with his mother and father.


Costi made the piece featured in The Catlin Art Guide as an educational resource with the intent to steer young people away from extreme violence. The film documented his transition between criminal/inmate to art student/artist.


‘Johnny Gets Beaten Up’ was shown at The London Art Fair and again at MK Gallery, the latter in addition of a performance, 5 plates made from X-rays and massed lettering reading ‘OREO’ his prior street name referred to in the film by his mother.

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